Skoolie Designs by Kids

The skoolie design challenge was given in Season 2 of the Cozy Rainbow Podcast! Check out some of the wonderful work we received below.

A Schoolie for Me

by Gowri Ramesh (10)

Skoolie design by Gowri Ramesh done in Drawing Desk. A school bus skoolie that includes a swimming pool!
Gowri’s design includes a SWIMMING POOL! Wow! This has got to be the coolest school bus ever, and the driver even gets their own private room. The school bus has some very nice plants to add a green feeling.

A Skoolie for Four

by Nana-Aisha

Nana-Aisha’s drawing is done in colored pen on a sheet of paper. The beds are so lovely and have drawings of clouds on them! Four beds inside of a school bus house, perfect for a family.

My Skoolie for Me

by Nnanymous (age 16)

Nnanymous’s design features all of the essentials of a tiny housee. One unique feature of this skoolie design is the back door. The closet is out in the kitchen to save space. We love this design and how it was created using graphic design!

Skoolie by Natty

by Natty (age 7) from Thailand

Natty’s design is colorful and bright, featuring hearts and stars! We really feel Natty’s imagination on this one with an indoor camping and picnic spot! Conveniently, this skoolie design has a washing machine. What a practical 7-year-old! Next to the picnic spot is also a balcony. Natty even drew a little smiley face next to the picnic spot– which surely made us smile! Seeing this skoolie drawn from a different angle would be a true delight.