Design-A-Squishmallow Submissions


Design a Squishmallow. Remember to include a tag with a description of your Squishmallow, and let us know how tall your Squishmallow is!

 Capella the baby platypus, by Sofia Cruz (11)

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I’m named after a star. When Capella is not inside a laboratory you can always find her in the library. Capella loves reading, coding, engineering, science and playing the violin.

Shroom the Strawberry Mushroom Frog by Slo Fox (9)

Shroom is a social frog, he LOVES strawberries and likes to pick them. He owns a small strawberry garden. He goes out when it is strawberry season to pick the fresh strawberries early in the morning. He spends his free time playing in the meadows with his friends. He’s only 6 and he has much more fun ahead of him!

Lumecta by Gowri Ramesh (10)

Lumecta loves to fly around the Wandering Woods every day at midnight. She also loves to make moonbows from her two horns! You can find her at the Lavender Bubble Stream every night in the woods.