Should I Enter Kids Art and Writing Contests?

    Entering an art or writing contest can be a lot of fun for creative minds. However, contests are not always a good idea for creatives. Art and writing are often subjective, meaning that personal preferences plays a key role in judgement. 

child painting with colors drawing colorful cute art contest

    Here at, we host art challenges. The point of a challenge is to exercise the brain’s creative muscle. When we look at art or writing submissions, we consider the creativity, time and effort put into the work. 

    An art or writing contest might suggest that one piece of artwork is better than another. Think of how some people prefer the color blue to red. Does that mean that blue is a better color than red? No. Favorite colors are one example of a subjective opinion or preference.

    Some art or writing contests for kids have cash prizes. Kids art and writing contests that have cash prizes can be a fun incentive to enter the competition. Young artists who are interested in entering competitions with a prize should submit their work with an open, confident mind.

    If the art contest is free to enter, there is no reason not to enter the contest. Especially because students can draw inspiration from the rules and show their work to a new audience. Young minds can take pride and ownership of their work by becoming a contributor to content on the internet.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s art and writing is meaningful, beautiful and important. That’s why here at Cozy Rainbow, we post everyone’s art who enters a creative challenge on our website!

How do I win a kids art or writing competition?

    The best way to create a competitive entry to a kids art or writing challenge is to read the rules of the contest page and any prompt that the competition hosts give. For example, Cozy Rainbow challenges have a new prompt each week, but the rules are usually the same. 
    Another strategy to stand out in a kids art or writing challenge is to make sure to include personality. Who are you? Where do you come from, and what is your message? If submitting to a contest online, make sure to have parental permission before sharing any real information, such as your name or what city you live in. 

    Finally, to win a kids art or writing competition and earn a cash prize, remember to persevere and continue to enter and submit work. “Persevere” means to keep trying, even when things seem hard or impossible. Don’t let yourself get discouraged and remember that your art and message is important. Keep trying and submit as many entries to as many competitions as you can. 

Good luck! If you are feeling creative, check out our creative challenges page.