Make a Crossword Puzzle Challenge

In the “Crosswords” episode of the Cozy Rainbow podcast, Ms. Haddad speaks with Ms. Roberta. Ms. Roberta was a teacher in South Korea for 10 years. When Ms. Roberta was a kid, she loved doing brain teasers and crossword puzzles in the back of magazine books.

We answers questions like: who invented crossword puzzles? What is the world’s largest crossword puzzle? Were crosswords ever illegal?

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For this week’s creative challenge, we are asking listeners to create your own crossword puzzle! To hear all about crossword puzzles and fun facts, listen to Cozy Rainbow podcast.

Crossword Puzzles Cozy Rainbow Podcast

Do you like crossword puzzles? Check out our Patreon page to receive crossword puzzles in the mail from us! Roberta Ndlela joins us on this episode, she taught in South Korea for ten years! When Roberta was a kid, she loved crossword puzzles. On this episode, we give Ms. Roberta some trivia questions about crossword puzzles. Stick around til the end to hear what Ms. Roberta thought of our art submissions from season 1! The first creative challenge of season 2 is announced in this episode: create a crossword puzzle! For more info, visit and find us @cozyrainbownv — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

If you prefer to watch as a video, our podcast is available to view on YouTube!

Create a crossword puzzle using at least five words. Choose a theme and add some fun doodles to make your submission stand out!

Feel free to use any medium you like: draw it on a tablet, code it in Scratch or just draw it neatly on a sheet of paper.

Please view the creative challenges page to see the submission rules how to submit. The deadline for creative challenge submissions to be featured on the Season 2 finale is on September 1, 2022.