A-Z Words and Adjectives to Describe S’mores

In light of episode 4 coming out about s’mores, here is an A-Z list of words to describe (or relating to) s’mores or other delicious and yummy foods! Try using some of these words while writing your s’mores acrostic poem.

Appetizing, amazing, airy, aesthetic, angelic

Beautiful, best, brilliant, breakfast, burnt

Chocolate, chewy, cherished, creamy, crunchy, cinnamon, camping, crackle, charred, charcoal

Dairy, dreamy, dark chocolate, delicate, delicious

Eat, everything, entire, extra, edible

Fat, fluffy, fantasy, fabulous, fresh, fire-roasted, family, fun, flame

Graham cracker, great, grin, gorgeous, giggle, goofy, gooey

Huge, honey, harmonious, heavenly, Hallelujeah, hungry

Incredible, iconic, insatiable, impressive, 

Jolly, joy, just so good! 

Kit-kat, Klondike bar, kids, kindling

Lovely, Loretta Scott, lucky, light

Marshmallow, mushy, mashed, melted, M&Ms, magical, Mmm, mouth-watering, more

Nourishing, nutrition, Nutella, nice

Oven-baked, over the fire, on the stove, ooey-gooey

Peeps, pieces, plenty, precious, palatable, pleasant, pleasing, puffy

Quirky, quintessential, quaint

Roasted, really, random, royal, Reese’s, 

Some more, sweet, savory, salty, snack, scrumptious, skewer, scorched, singed

Toasted, twig, tasty, tremendous, tantalizing, treat


Voila, vivid, vivacious, variety

White, well, wacky, wild, warm, wishing

Xtra, Xtremely good!

Yes, yummy, yours


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