Fun Ideas to Create a Unique Crossword Puzzle

Are you stuck thinking “what should I make a crossword puzzle about?” Look no further. In this post, we will provide three different ideas for crossword puzzle writers.

brain inscription on container on head of faceless woman

1. Song lyrics

Try listening to a favorite song, band or album. Pick out words you hear. Songwriters and artists often use lots of rich vocabulary while writing a song. Choosing to create a crossword puzzle using a band or music as the theme is a great idea because then other people who enjoy the same music may also enjoy the puzzle.

2. Words from a book

Pick up a book and choose random words from it! Seems pretty easy, right? Especially if the book is a favorite or popular with other people, other readers may be interested in a crossword puzzle. It could be a small book or a big book, or just one chapter from a chapter book.

3. Pick out words from a podcast

Put on an episode of a podcast and listen closely for any words that you don’t know. Listening for unique words in a podcast is a great way to write a crossword puzzle with clues that are difficult to figure out! Many crossword puzzle fanatics enjoy a challenge while working on a puzzle. Some podcasts post transcripts online for their episodes. A transcript is when all of the words are written out. Some programs online (or Siri on your iPhone) can dictate words as well, if the podcast host does not post a transcript online.

4. Look around

If all else fails, just look around or go for a walk. When you see something that sparks your interest, write it down! Interesting places like a chocolate factory or a garden can also help to inspire words to include while writing a crossword puzzle.