The Sweetest Fish Found In Stockholm, Popularized In America

Swedish Fish are a yummy, sweet, mysteriously red-flavored candy from Sweden. On this episode of Cozy Rainbow podcast we discuss who invented Swedish Fish, the bustling fishing industry of Sweden and more fun facts about Swedish Fish. Did you know Swedish Fish make an appearance in Candy Crush Saga? Keep reading to find out everything you wanted to know and more about the popular candy, Swedish Fish!

Who invented Swedish Fish?

Swedish Fish were created by a candy company called Malaco in Sweden. Sweden is surrounded by water and has a bustling fishing industry, which is maybe why Swedish fish are fish. In Sweden, the candies were originally called pastellfiskar meaning “pastel fish.” Swedish fish began being sold in America in the 1950s. By the 60s and 70s, Swedish Fish were a candy staple in America.

pastellfiskar in decorative text

Malaco still exists today, selling the original version of Swedish fish. The Malaco candies have the word “Malaco” embossed on the fish’s bodies, and the US version candies say “Swedish.”

Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids

Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids were invented by the same Swedish company, Malaco. The only difference between the two gummies is tartaric acid. Sour Patch Kids get their sour taste from tartaric acid. The two candies are the exact same, but in different shapes and one with a sour coating.

Swedish Fish Flavors

The flavor of Swedish fish is not officially stated anywhere, although many sources say the flavor is lingonberry, a popular Swedish fruit that grows on a shrub. Other than the classic and ambiguous “red” flavor, Swedish fish have come in a variety of different special editions, such as:

  • Blue raspberry lemonade
  • Red, white & blue 
  • Swedish Fish Oreos
  • Grape Swedish Fish
  • Swedish Fish mini, flavors: piña colada, tropical island, beachy punch, passion fruit

Are Swedish Fish vegan?

Swedish fish are vegan, meaning they do not contain any animal products. Swedish Fish use corn starch and carnauba wax to obtain the gelatin-like texture. Real gelatin is an animal-derived product. 

Fermented Swedish Fish, Surströmming

surstromming fermented swedish fish

Fish is a very popular dish in Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden is home to the largest archipelago in the world. Stockholm, Sweden has almost 29,000 archipelagos in the Baltic Sea. An archipelago is a group of islands, for example, in Indonesia or the Canadian Arctic. Surströmming is a traditional Swedish dish made from fermented fish. 

Fun Facts about Swedish Fish

Candy Crush Saga Swedish Fish

In 2016, the game of Candy Crush Saga released a level that included bright, multicolored Swedish fish swimming across the screen. But to see Swedish Fish in Candy Crush, you must reach level 1247. Candy Crush Saga is a match-3 game with over 14,000 levels and counting, with a new level being released each week. Over 255 million people have played the game.

Giant Homeade Swedish Fish

An Australian chef published a recipe for a giant homemade Swedish gummy fish. The recipe is quite simple, just as the channel’s name, SimpleCookingChannel, might suggest. The only ingredients used are jello, gelatin and boiling water. The real trick is to get a large fish-shaped mold. The final product is large enough to hold with two hands!

Swedish Fish As Fish Bait

Surprisingly, using candy can be a good way to catch fish. Candy is inexpensive, smells good to people and fish, and you can eat them afterwards if you don’t catch any fish!

What happens if you eat too many Swedish Fish?

Swedish Fish are made of mostly sugar and food coloring. Swedish fish can hurt your gums and cause cavities in your teeth. Someone who eats too many Swedish fish may experience a sugar high and then crash. Any excess sugar in the human body will turn into fat. 

Grape Swedish Fish Fan Group

A Facebook group titled “Bring back Grape Swedish Fish!” was created in 2009 and has over 3,000 members. The owner of the group writes that grape Swedish Fish were discontinued in 2006. Every time the group gets another 1,000 members, the owner writes a notice to Cadbury Worldwide, the owner of Cadbury Eggs and also… Swedish Fish! Members of the group write that grape sour patch kids are the closest match.

Swedish Sour Patch Kid

A user on Reddit found a lone, sour patch kid without the sour powder inside of a bag of regular Swedish fish.

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