Crystals & Geometry

The first creative challenge is over! Thank you to everyone who submitted. To learn more about crystals, listen to episode one of our podcast. Did you know that some people believe that crystals can heal pain and sadness? 

Our Picks:

The very first creative challenge at Cozy Rainbow is finished! Congratulations to everyone who submitted their art. We hope you all enter our challenge again, because every single piece made us smile!

  1. Crystal Pond by Natalie
  2. Crystal Sunset by Crystal Art
  3. Crystals & Geometry by Alexandra Dawson
  4. Crystal Moon by Slo Fox
  5. Crystal Zoo by Serene Chen
Crystal Pond by Natalie (13)

The fish are practically swimming out of the drawing on this image! A mermaid swims alongside the crystals that are bursting out of the ocean floor. The details in this drawing are adorable, with tiny twinkles, bubbles and a visible current. Thank you Natalie!

Crystal Moon by Slo Fox (9)

This crystal moon is colorful and dark. We loved the palette used in this image, with deep purple, dark blues, vibrant yellow, pink and orange. The intricate designs on the moon bring this image to life, along with the glowing border around the crystal clusters. A black hole looms over the moon in the background. This was also our first submission using a digital medium. Thank you so much Slo Fox!


Crystal Zoo by Serene Chen (7)

Crystal Zoo is a bright and creative piece of art. Every time we look at Crystal Zoo, it’s like there is something new to see. The details created on paper created in this image are mesmerizing. Crystal Zoo features several people having a blast, playing, talking about crystals and even blasting off into the sky! A bright yellow flower-shaped sun is up in the corner, creating a striking image and contrast to the marker outline. Thank you Serene!

crystals and geometry by alexandra dawson
Crystals & Geometry by Alexandra Dawson (13)

Crystals & Geometry by Alexandra Dawson features a unique medium. In fact, we weren’t even sure what the flowers were made of! The artist, Alexandra inspires us to try different mediums like puff paint and beads. Crystals & Geometry features REAL crystals glued to the canvas! This minimalistic piece made us smile!

Crystal Sunset by Crystal Artist (11)

Crystal Sunset is a piece created mostly with just pencil! That means this work of art was created with a pencil crystal: graphite! The 3D shapes in this picture make the crystals look extra sharp. The details of the pencil sketch are notable in this image. Twinkles surround the moon. Nice job, Crystal Art!

Doodle Gems by Crystal Art (10)
Crystal Dragon by Skycrystl (10)
“Successful People Have A Plan B Ready” by Kuhu Kacher (7)
Healing Crystals by Patricia Hall (10)
Crystal Garden by SR (10)
Crystal Cluster by Blobfish Man (11)
Crystal Mouse by Disney Fan (10)
The Color of Emerald by JJ (10)