Season One Finale & Student Submissions Spotlight

Hi everybody! Cozy Rainbow’s season one finale has just been released! In this episode, Ms. Haddad goes through some stand-out submissions from student listeners.

Season one’s six challenges were:

We received so many incredible submissions, that’s why this is the longest episode of the Cozy Rainbow Podcast ever (only by a few minutes).

Give the season one finale episode a listen to hear stories about…

  • a spooky red-eyed horse, from dark magic
  • the superhero Diamondhead, who saves the day and a local bank
  • making friends with mystical, mythical crystal animals
  • why you NEED to buy a Squishmallow, a letter from 7-year-old Alice
  • s’more recipes from kids across the world, including the Travis Cozy Rainbow S’more
  • Poetry, but make it animated and coded by 10-year-old girls!

Hear all of this and more on the season one finale of Cozy Rainbow Podcast.

Season 2 will begin on July 17, 2022.

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