So You Want To Own A Pet Horse?

This episode’s creative challenge is to submit a piece of art (like poetry, photography or a drawing) about horses.

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In this episode, we talk about fun facts about horses and everything you need to know before deciding if you really want a pet horse. There are many different breeds of horse that can serve different purposes. Some horses are fast, some are strong, and some are very cute. Horse lovers can also attend rodeo events or study equine science or hippology.

Fun Facts About Horses:

The difference between horses and ponies is the size. 

The smallest type of horse is a miniature horse.

The Pony of America is a breed of horse that was developed in Iowa 1954. The Pony of America is 44  – 52 inches.

Horses exist in every continent.

The oldest known horse is called the Hyracotherium, or the genus “eohippus.” The Hyracotherium is a descendant of horses we know today, and a member of the family Equidae.

Eohippus fossils were discovered in North America and Western Europe.

The biggest breed of horse is a black horse called Shire. 

Although the largest breed of horse is a Shire, the world-record holding largest horse is a Belgian Gelding at 20 hands high named Big Jake.

Horses are measured in units called hands. A hand is 4 inches.

Belgians and Shires are two breeds of drafts. A draft is a classification of horse, depending on how large the horse is. 

Draft horses can be used for riding, pulling and farming.

A stallion is a male horse that can reproduce. A gelding is a male horse that cannot reproduce. Baby horses are called fouls. Fillies are female horses and colts are male horses.

A maiden mare is a female horse who has not had a baby yet, and a mare is any female horse.

Equine science is the study of horses. Hippology is another name for the study of horses.

Quarter horses can run the fastest quarter mile.

Careers with Horses

If you are interested in careers with horses, you can make money by breeding horses, training horses, equine therapy, loping (a person who exercises horses), or even rodeo.

Horse Racing

Barrel racing is a way to compete in a rodeo by racing on a horse. If a rider knocks over a barrel during the barrel race, 5 seconds are added to the timer. The horse and rider who can race the fastest wins.

Roughstock Rodeo Riders: Bronc Riding

A bronc rider at a rodeo rides a horse that is called a bronc during roughstock rodeo events. Roughstock rodeo is bull-riding, saddle bronc and bareback. Rodeo started from roughstock rodeo where people would complete to train a horse the fastest. Most events at rodeos do involve horses, and can be a lot of fun.

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