Did You Know About Squishmallows? Fun Facts About Squishmallows

Squishmallows are said to be the cutest, cuddliest toy around. Squishmallows are plushies, stuffed animals, toys, whatever you want to call them! If you aren’t able to listen to our podcast, then look no further. We have all of the best Squishmallow information below in this article. 

You may be wondering…

  • Who invented Squishmallows?

Squishmallows were created by Kellytoy, a toy company founded in 1986 by a man named Jonathan Kelly. Kellytoy is owned by another company called Jazwares. Finally, Jazwares is owned by Alleghany Capital Corporation.

  • When did Squishmallows go viral?

Squishmallows went viral in 2020, which was three years after their initial launch in 2017. Some speculate that this may have had something to do with the pandemic. While we can never be 100% sure, it makes complete sense that Squishmallows would become popular. Squishmallows create a pleasant sensory experience. In other words: they are very huggable!

  • What Squishmallows are the most popular?

The most popular Squishmallows are cows, axolotls and cats. Axolotls are also kind of a trendy sea creature animal! Christmas or Holiday Squishmallows also become very popular during the holiday season. It’s no surprise that parents all around the world would want to buy their child one of these adorable plush toys!

Here are what these popular Squishmallow types look like:

  • Why did Squishmallows go viral? Why are Squishmallows so popular?

Part of the reason why Squishmallows became so popular is because of the hashtag #SquishTok on TikTok. People who use TikTok and who are fans of Squishmallows follow this hashtag and see all of the cuteness overload! Other hashtags like #squishmallowsofinstagram also popularized this cute toy. Squishmallows also hold their shape very well, and are made with premium soft material that everyone loves to touch. Touching or hugging a Squishmallow creates a joyful sensory experience and will evoke happiness. 

  • How big are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows range in size 2-24 inches. Twenty-four inches is the same thing as two feet. Wow! That’s one big Squishmallow! If you are interested in tiny Squishmallows, maybe you could look into getting a two-inch Squishmallow keychain. Stores on Etsy sell Squishmallow related items, like custom embroidered Squishmallows or Squishmallow keychains.

  • Where can I buy Squishmallows?

Squishmallows can be purchased at Amazon, Target, CostCo, Walgreens, Five Below and more. You also might want to consider buying a used Squishmallow from Etsy, Ebay, or there are even some sellers who run their shop out of Instagram! Check the hashtag #squishmallowuft to see Squishmallows that are “Up For Trade.”

  • What are the rarest Squishmallows? What the most expensive Squishmallows?

Just like the Beanie Baby sensation of the 1990s, Squishmallows can be hard-to-find in stores or marked up at really expensive prices. The most expensive Squishmallows are typically the most popular, because they are hard to find. 

For example, Caedyn the Valentine Cow is selling on Amazon for upwards of $100 from some sellers. Other rare Squishmallows include: Raylor the Australian Shepherd and Zozo the Bigfoot Squishmallow!

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