What is a podcast?

Have you ever heard of the word “podcast”? A podcast is an “audio-only” or “sound-only” style of entertainment. Just like YouTube videos are created by anybody, podcasts can be created by anyone, as well. Many people like to listen to podcasts passively, while doing something else.

Anybody can make a podcast, so long as you have something to record with. Several websites offer free voice recording and audio editing software, right in your browser. Websites like Vocaroo or Flip are examples of websites that allow voice recording via browser.

Whether on a Chromebook, Mac, iOS or Windows, anyone can make a podcast. A recording device could even mean an old tape recorder from a yard sale. Or maybe a toy smartwatch that records mp3s right on your wrist!

People who listen to podcasts are typically productive, good listeners, and well-spoken. Since podcasts can be done while working on something else, podcasts are a great way to keep your mind occupied during any activity. With hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from, you can find a podcast about any topic or niche that you are interested in!

Jogging in the morning while listening to a podcast is one of life’s true delights. Make the tedious job of walking your dog less repetitive by finding a new show to listen to while walking. Podcasts update at different frequencies, so be sure to check how often the show updates.

To find out how often a show updates, try checking the show’s website, or looking on a podcast host website like Apple Podcasts.

Apple podcasts will show if a podcast is updated weekly, biweekly or as a series.

Weekly: the podcast will post a new episode once a week, usually on the same day.

Biweeky: the podcast will post once every two weeks.

Series: a series has an end, and may be published all at once or in seasons. Just like a TV show has different seasons.

Once you begin listening to podcasts, be ready to become addicted and more productive than ever! After finishing an incredible show, you’ll be left wanting more.

One thing to love about podcasts is how the hosts interact with their guests. Just like taking a kid to Disneyland to meet Minnie Mouse, podcast hosts often have a way of communicating with their guests. Podcasting is all about conversation and words spoken aloud in order to be shared. Many podcasts offer special membership tiers, live video chat sessions or monthly mail. Other podcasts will request listeners to write in and share a story. Hearing a radio host or podcast host give a shout out can be something to look forward to, and certainly a way to get a family to all quietly listen together!

How can I find more podcasts to listen to?

Once you’ve finished listening to an entire show, consider listening to another show. Many podcasts are created by large companies that publish similar-style audio episodes.

For example, if you enjoyed “Six Minutes” podcast, you might enjoy other Wondery Kids’ podcasts. Of course, those are the podcasts that everyone has heard of. But what about finding a new podcast, and being the first to find out about a cool new show?

Try searching by genre or keyword to find podcasts.

For example, to hear a podcast about a specific video game, just visit any podcast hosting website and type the game into the search bar.

Listening and learning from a podcast is like learning something while sleeping.

Have you ever heard of the joke where in order to cram for a test, a student should sleep with their head resting on the book to “absorb” the knowledge like a sponge?

Podcasts are just the way to do that. Happy searching!