S’mores Acrostic Poetry

Write an acrostic poem for the word SMORE, or any other word related to s’mores. To find out what an acrostic poem is and how to brainstorm ideas, listen to Episode 4 “Acrostic Poetry & S’mores.” 

View all of the amazing entries to our S’mores Acrostic Poetry challenge below!


Marshmallow by quandaledingle-rawr

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CHOCOLATE  by Suhaansie Watada

Chocolate is delicious
Having come from the cocoa bean
Oh.. I am having trouble spelling with cocoa filled mouth
Chocolate was invented in the 19th century, BCE
Olmec civilization invented it
Lots of other ancient civilizations made chocolate beverages
All chocolates are delicious
There are multiple varieties of chocolate
Every chocolate is unique

Smores Galore by Emma

Treat by Surie Lee (11)

Smores by Gowri Ramesh (10)

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