Toy-Themed Memoirs by Kids Around the World

In season 2 of Cozy Rainbow Podcast, listeners were asked to submit a toy-themed memoir. Below you will find memoirs by kids around the world. To hear some of our favorites, listen to Cozy Rainbow Podcast Season 2 Finale.


by Shantanu (12) from India

My favourite toy was “Remote Control Car” as I had been interested in cars. My best memory with my car was that I used to do stuffs with my car like throwing out of my window and breaking it. I like used to play with it whole day after coming home from school. The best point about that car was that as it was remote control so I used to sit at one place and played with it and troubled my mom. It is not a shame to play with a toy like even if you are more than 19. It’s just so amazing to play with toys.

A Perfect Pink Angel

by Avyukt (age 7) from India

Prisha’s Memoir

by Prisha (12) from India

It was 6 o’clock in the evening and the weather was cloudy. Peter, Rosy and
Ron where going out for an evening stroll. They stopped at their favourite and
regular place ‘Ramsey’s diner’ and sat down to drink juice, out of nowhere Mr.
Ramsey appears, who was the owner of shop and was out of station.
Mr. Ramsey says, “How are you all?”
“Thank you. We are fine, but I thought you were in Mexico with your family.”
Said Peter.
“Oh Yeah! But had to return for something important. May I ask for a favour?”
said Mr Ramsey.
“Sure!” Quickly said Rosy.
Mr. Ramsey asking favour, “I just need you all to go to the Havrick site and
bring a list from Mr.George”.
“Umm. What list?” asked curious Ron.
“Oh! Don’t worry about the list. I have already informed Mr.George about it”.
Said Mr.Ramsey.
All the triplets set off to Havrick site. Rosy remembered the way to the site and
directed all of them to reach there safely. They looked around for Mr.George
but he was nowhere to be seen. They saw a shed so they went there to look for
Peter coughed, and said, “ It’s very dusty in here.”
“Agreed!” said Rosy and Ron.
They looked around and saw many old pictures, sculptures, puppets etc.
Rosy said, “I think it was an artist’s office.”
Ron said, “Look on your right, there is a door.”
“It has a lock.” Said Peter.
“The key is hanging on the door’s left side.” said Rosy.
“Common let’s see in there.” said Ron.
As they entered they saw a rocking horse chair rocking. And to their surprise all
their family and friends including Mr. Ramsey were there wishing a very happy
birthday to the triplets.

The triplets enjoyed their birthday, it was a great birthday surprise to all of
them. They had always wished to have a rocking horse. Whole day turn by turn
they played the rocker.
The other kids around them too joined as they didn’t had it. It was the only one
in their neighbourhood.

Triaksha’s Memoir

by Triaksha (7)

Childhood is a most innocent, joyful and wonderful time in life. EVery child loves to have different kinds of toys in their collections. I still remember my favourite toy was a “Toy Kitchen Set” which had all types of utensils, a stove with fake fire flame.
The best thing I still remember is the day when I invited all my friends for dinner and pretended to cook food for them and dressed up like my mother. I always wanted to have my own kitchen, hence, it was a beautiful experience which can’t be expressed in words.

It was great fun playing with it. I used to play daily after coming back from my school. All my friends would gather regularly at my home.

The best part of the toy was the sound of the fireflame which used to come from the stove whenever the knob was turned on.

The special memory is still in my mind and I feel very happy whenever I think about my favourite Kitchen Toy.

The Memoir

by Mukta (Grade 3)


by Jamie Kang (8)

Once upon a time, Brandon’s mom went to Target, and before she could go, Brandon came up saying, “Mom! Can I come too?” and she said, “Sure.”

            In Target, as they were going out, Brandon turned his head and saw something that he wanted for his life. He said, “Hey, Mom, can you follow me?”

            “Of course,” she said as she followed Brandon. When he got there, he asked, “Mom, can I get this, please?” She looked at it. It was a Pokemon mystery card and only two dollars. And he was a very good learner and got A+s. So she let him get it. As soon as he got home, he grabbed scissors and opened it. He was soooo happy: he had got his favorite Pokemon, a GX Charizard. It was the best day of his life.

Dr. Heneghan’s Little Buddy

by Semin Hoe (8)

One day, Dr. Heneghan was at home at exactly 6:30 pm. Dr. Heneghan was eating dinner with her family: her son, her daughter, her husband, herself, their dog Snowbell, and their new puppy Peppermint. They lived in Nashville, Tennessee, on a very steep hill. They were having fried chicken for dinner. She was about to finish washing the dishes when she heard a loud SQUEAK from the living room! Then, “Honey!” her husband shouted. She rushed over with the dishwater tap still running!

Their new puppy had just chewed off the ear and eye of her favorite stuffed animal, Buddy! Buddy was a coconutty, brownish gold, furry, soft, round, floppy bear that Dr. Heneghan got when she was five. And it was now missing an ear and an eye.

A Memoir of Receiving a Ring

by Anvi

My Memorable Kitchen Set

by Spruha (9)


by Chaeeun Lee (10)

One day in 1977 on September 1, Bridget went to her boyfriend’s house. She was in second grade, and so was her boyfriend. Bridget and her boyfriend were playing with their Matchbox cars. Bridget’s boyfriend’s big brother Bill didn’t like Bridget. When Bridget and her boyfriend were playing, Bill said to Bridget nicely, “What is your favorite car?” and Bridget showed him her pink fire car. Bridget loved the car because it looked so cool and awesome.  

Bill said, “I will show you something awesome,” so Bridget gave the car to Bill. Bill went to the garage and got a hammer and “Boom!” Bill squished the car and then went up and gave it to Bridget. 

Bridget cried. She went out and she never tried to meet Bill again. Bridget’s boyfriend was so sorry for her, but Bridget tried to ignore him. Bridget’s boyfriend never tried to say “sorry” to her because Bridget ignored him.  

Bridget was so sad and said, “Goodbye, old friend” to her friend. And they never said anything about it again. 

Memoir Toy

by Kshira

Playing with Kitchen Sets

by Kaavya (7)

 I interviewed my mother about the toy she liked the most in her childhood and surprisingly, both of us liked the same Toy – “Playing with Kitchen Sets”

She liked preparing food for her sisters ( My maasi ) and serve them. She use to do acting for many hours in a day, prepare various tasty dishes like Pizza, Burger, Cake, etc and serve to everyone in the house. She use to ask everyone about the taste of food prepared on the kitchen set. I also play with my kitchen set and serve food to my mom, dad and my cute little sister “Kaira”

Infact, My cute little sister is also learning to play with my kitchen set now and we both enjoy a lot.