Creative Challenges

Art, writing and creative challenges for kids.

Submission Rules:

  1. Email Creative Challenge submissions to with the subject line as the name of the challenge (current challenges listed below).
  2. Artist names can be real or fake.
  3. Include your age. If you are under 13, please have an adult submit your work for you.
  4. All artists are welcome to submit up to 17!
  5. We no longer have a deadline on our challenges!

Each episode of the podcast has a different challenge at the end. Be sure to listen to the podcast episode to learn all about how to enter our kids’ art and writing challenges.

Listen to any of our spotlight episodes to hear if we mention your submission on the show.

Recent Challenge Episodes

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Animal Crossing is a series of Nintendo games that started in 2001. Originally starting as Animal Forest only in Japan, the game slowly made it’s…

New challenges are posted every month! For now, why not check out some of our past challenges, or view the submissions so far?