Creative Challenges for Kids

A creative challenge is kind of like an art contest. But let’s be clear: art is subjective and no piece of artwork is better than another! Cozy Rainbow sees the beauty in every submission to our children’s art and writing challenges. Please use these creative challenges for kids as inspiration, motivation or activity ideas.

Submission Rules:

  1. Email Creative Challenge submissions to with the subject line as the name of the challenge (current challenges listed below).
  2. Artist names can be real or fake.
  3. Include your age. If you are under 13, please have an adult submit your work for you.
  4. All artists are welcome to submit from ages 7-17!
  5. The current contest cycle is open until September 1, 2022.

We have six amazing kid’s art and writing challenges coming up in Season 2! Information about each challenge can be found in the following articles.

Each episode of the podcast relates to a different art or writing challenge. Be sure to listen to the podcast episode to learn all about how to enter our kids’ art and writing challenges.



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Season 2 Finale Episode!

Season Two Creative Challenges for Kids

pensive black girl reading magazine in living room in sunny day

Make a Crossword Puzzle Challenge

In the “Crosswords” episode of the Cozy Rainbow podcast, Ms. Haddad speaks with Ms. Roberta. Ms. Roberta was a teacher in South Korea for 10 years. When Ms. Roberta was a kid, she loved doing brain teasers and crossword puzzles in the back of magazine books. We answers questions like: who invented crossword puzzles? What […]

Yo-Yo Art Challenge

This week’s creative challenge is the yo-yo art challenge! We are asking listeners to create a piece of artwork featuring yo-yos! On season 2 episode 2, Ms. Haddad brings her little brother onto the show! Joe is a college student studying Biology. On this episode, we answer questions like: When were yo-yos invented? How do […]

a young girl holding her toy microphone while singing

Memoir Toy-Themed Kids Writing Challenge

This week’s creative challenge is to write a memoir inspired by an adult’s favorite toy. Interview an adult to find out what their favorite toy was. Then, create a story about it! In the episode, we talk about what a fictionalized memoir is. AKA, a memoir, with some fancy added details to make it more […]

Draw A Skoolie (School Bus House) Creative Challenge for Kids

This week’s creative challenge is to draw and design a skoolie!  AKA, a school bus to live in! Skoolies come in all shapes and colors, so be sure to let creativity shine in submissions. We will talk about our favorite submissions on our September 4th episode of Cozy Rainbow Podcast! To view submission information, visit the Creative […]

New challenges are posted every Sunday! For now, why not check out some of out past challenges?

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Claim your free puzzle!

We would love to send you a free crossword puzzle for visiting our website! We are so glad you are here!

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