Crossword Puzzles by Kids Around the World

In season two of Cozy Rainbow Podcast, we asked listeners to send in a crossword puzzle! Below are featured crossword puzzles by kids around the world. Thank you so much to everyone who sent in a crossword puzzle!

Earth Day Crossword

by Vedant K. from Pune, India

Vedant created this crossword puzzle on a lined sheet of paper in a notebook. The puzzle is themed about Earth day! The puzzle includes an answer key and neatly draw boxes.

Words: plastic, Brazil, eggshell, tree, April, bicycle


  1. Which month Earth day is observed
  2. Which is the greenest of transportation
  3. The average American generates four pounds of this per day
  4. Which country has the greatest biodiversity?
  5. This item can be composted into natural fertilizer for your garden
  6. What is most frequently found on beach cleanups?

Candy Theme Crossword

by Laylani from USA


  1. Chewy & comes in shapes of bears and worms
  2. The name of a certain galaxy
  3. A caramel ball with chocolate covering
  4. Has girl pronouns in the name (she, her, etc)
  5. A candy you can dip into sour powder! It’s fun.

Rare Animals Crossword

by Gowri Ramesh