Art Contests Worth Entering in 2022

  • – Samantha is an art teacher and host of several art contests online. Samantha posts student artwork on her website and encourages students to practice their art abilities. Samantha picks a random student to receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Samantha Bell also has a patreon page with extra art lesssons. 

  • The Middle School Mind Podcast Mic Giveaway – The Middle School Mind is a podcast hosted by a Father and Son duo. While the son is on summer break, his dad is hosting a three-part series on how to “Make Your Own Kid Podcast.” Of course, you will need parent permission, but they are giving away two Blue Snowball podcast microphones. The “contest” here is to make your own kid podcast. Listen to Episode 1.20 to learn how to get a free blue snowball podcast microphone.
  • ActivityHero Art Contest – ActivityHero is giving away $2800 in prizes for a Superhero themed art contest. The due date is on August 15, 2022. ActivityHero’s contest has three separate categories for 3 separate age groups.