What to Expect When Hiring a House Cleaner in Las Vegas

Hiring a house cleaner or residential cleaning professional can be a great idea, especially for people who have very busy lives. Being busy can cause stress, and one way to relieve that stress is to be able to come home and relax in a calm, clean environment. There is nothing like coming home to a clean, lemon-y fresh house. Entering the “clean house” level of relaxation is just one step away when you hire a home cleaner.

One reason why many families do not hire a home cleaner is because finding a trustworthy cleaning and sanitization company is not always easy. This is where a platform like Yelp or Angiestlist comes in handy. Some turn to search for home cleaning services on Craiglist. Is it possible to find a trustworthy cleaning company online? The answer is: yes, but tread carefully.

While searching for a home cleaning recommendation, check local facebook groups and Yelp reviews. Here at Cozy Rainbow, we love working with COL Cleaning Services. COL Cleaning Services employs many women of color. The responses from COL Cleaning services are always prompt, friendly and informed. Do not hesitate to book with COL Cleaning service for the following services:

  • House Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning
  • House cleaning on Jones, House cleaning on Las Vegas Boulevard, House cleaning on Green Valley Parkway and surrounding Las Vegas Areas
  • Home cleaning on Saturday 
  • Home cleaning besides carpet
  • Home cleaning with pets
  • Maid services in Las Vegas
  • Maid services in Henderson
  • Maid services in North Las Vegas
  • Before and after construction cleaning
  • Cleaning out a home after a death
  • House cleaning after remodeling
  • House cleaning after rental tenant moving out
  • Find a cleaner you trust
  • Search around for the best and cheapest cleaners using Yelp
  • COL employs many women of color. Gen Z values diversity
  • Be clear about what you want cleaned and where the cleaners should start.
  • House cleaning after AND before construction, move out, death, renovation, remodeling, rental