Why “On The Steps” Podcast is A Cozy Family Show

 Angee and Philly decided to name their podcast “On The Steps” as a nod to their time on their childhood steps talking on their porch. This podcast will definitely give you a warm fuzzy, cozy feeling inside while listening to their stories.

On The Steps Podcast cover art, with a yellow background. In the corner, "Seriously funny Conversations" pops out from a speech bubble

     On The Steps Podcast is a comedy podcast by publisher Angee Costa and comedian Philly Plowden. Angee Costa is a published author and editor of several books, such as: Impress Yourself: Transform what makes you WEIRD into the best thing about you, This Is Why You Go To College, and Live out Loud: Following your purpose even when it’s hard.    

    On The Steps Podcast covers topics like love, money, dating, politics and culture all sprinkled with humor, thanks to black comedian Philly Plowden. The show is mostly clean, and recommended for age 16 and up.

    Angee and Philly are both strong proponents of family and the importance of togetherness. Listen to their episode “Talkin ‘Bout Our Crazy Kids” for free on Youtube to hear one of their best episodes. In the episode, both of these parents explain how much they love their kids and share cherished (and hilarious) stories about lessons learned from their kids. At the end of the podcast, Philly and Angee both make it clear: their kids are way better than them! Even if Philly’s daughter owes him $7,000. You can’t help but smile when the clip of Philly’s son plays, where he discovers that Krispy Kreme released a plant-based donut. Definitely worth a listen!

Where Can I Listen To On The Steps Podcast?

You can listen to On The Steps Podcast on Amazon Music, Spotify, ListenNotes, BuzzSprout, iHeartRadio and YouTube.